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Linear Amp Gemini 64-500 - 50/70MHz DUAL BAND 500W Solid State Linear Amplifier

Linear Amp Gemini 4 70MHz linear amplifier front view
  • 50/70MHz Dual Band Solid state design
  • 500W 50MHz output (300W on 70MHz)
  • Integral 50V Linear Power supply
  • Drive requirements 5/10/20W (specified at order)
  • Advanced cooling for MGM operation
  • Full protection for overdrive/swr/temperature
  • All aluminium chassis
  • Compact dimensions - just 270w x 300d x 120h mm
  • UK Manufactured by us here on the Welsh Borders

All new for 2018 the Gemini 64-500 is an uprated unit based on the Gemini 4 300W amplifier. The Gemini 64-500 uses a BLF184XR LDMOS.

The Gemini 64-500 is an ideal match for rigs like the Icom IC-7300 delivering up to 500W on 50MHz and 300W on 70MHz. These levels allow the full UK legal limit on both bands with a little over to cover feeder loss to your antennas.

The amplifier can be specified with a rear panel 0dBm SMA socket for predistortion linearisation for use with the latest generation of SDR's.

Designed to fill a market gap between the low power outputs of transverters and smaller rigs and the 1kW plus amplifiers that not all users want or can afford the Gemini range combines low drive requirements with instant on solid state performance in a compact stylish package.

The Gemini 64-500 RF section uses the BLF184XR LDMOS device for high performance and maximum ruggedness. This, combined with built in protection for overdrive, high SWR and over temperature ensures solid reliable performance at high outputs for long periods. The unique RF design architecture has resulted in fully automatic DUAL BAND capability giving both 50-54MHz and 69-72MHz coverage without any bandswitching.

Furthermore GEMINI is a complete turnkey solution incorporating a complete 50V linear power supply so no external PSU is required.


Frequency coverage 50-54MHz & 69-72 MHz
Power output @ 1dB compression 500W (300W on 70MHz)
Power output @ -30dB IMD3 >450W (250W on 70MHz)
Input power

5-20W (specified when ordered)

Spurious outputs <-70dB wrt 300W
Input return loss >13dB
Efficiency (RF) >65%
RF Device 1 x BLF184XR LDMOS
Protection Overdrive, SWR, Over Temperature
Relays Coaxial Output and Input
Metering RF output
Power requirements 230V AC  50/60Hz


Linear Amp Gemini solid state amplifier internal view

Linear Amp Gemini 4 70MHz solid state amplifier rear view